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Zeitgeist: Henry Wilson's Vide-poche

Zeitgeist: Henry Wilson's Vide-poche

Occasionally, the women of Nixon pop in to the Happenings with updates on what they're currently extremely into. Zeitgeist is an ongoing series about what's hip in the world of art, design and, well, whatever.

If you're like us, you've got a lot of watches and a lot of bracelets, bangles, rings and string that go along with it. We're all for cluttered wrists, but really, not so into it when it comes to the top of our dresser. The need for de-clutter functionality met incredible form—and made our eyes widen with NEED THAT mentality—in Australian designer Henry Wilson's Vide-poche.

The "rumble-polished" (sounds fancy) trays, whose name means "empty pockets" in French, come in aluminum or gunmetal bronze finishes. Each tray features a single section on one side and two sections on the other side, for those who like extra compartmentalization.

Us, we're going to use the newfound space to find more things with which to fill these sections!