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Danny Way: Skateboarding's Captain America

Danny Way: Skateboarding's Captain America

Danny Way's vision and drive push him beyond the boundaries of the impossible. For the better part of two decades, Danny has been a pioneer in his relentless pursuit of pushing the never been done on a skateboard. Considered a living legend in the sport, always one to lead–never follow–Danny's fearless attitude has resulted in him breaking land speed records, jumping the Great Wall of China and bomb dropping from a helicopter; all in a days work.

The Patriot, Love it or Leave it.

Exposed construction, time-honored methods and materials with meaning, The Patriot SS draws inspiration from industrial design.

KAUAI, HI. With a limitless imagination, only a guy like Danny would conceptualize his own personal Mega Ramp in Kauai– one of the wettest places in the world.

Danny's story was made into the 2012 documentary, Waiting for Lightning.


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