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Fall 2014: Welcome the New from Nixon

Fall 2014: Welcome the New from Nixon

Focused on creating watches and accessories with a unique point of view, Nixon dives into our fall ‘14 collection with the intention of making amazing product for the way we live. Sometimes that means following an entirely different path to realize a fresh vision. Other times, it's re-perfecting the things we love so that we can love them even more.

A season full of new, we introduce six new watches—The Anthem, The Sentry Chrono Leather, The Passport SS, The Facet, The 38-20 Chrono & The Luca.

The Anthem : The Anthem combines high-polish stainless steel and subtle ceramic inlays to perfectly contrast the rugged crown guard and custom case design.

The Sentry Chrono Leather : This custom-built chronograph and crown design strikes a balance of technical functionality to elevate style while never compromising functionality.

The Passport SS : For those who roam a little further from home, The Passport SS has unique bezel control to quickly adjust time zones, designed to see you there and back again.

The Facet : A cut above and anything but ordinary, The Facet catches the light and captures attention with multi-angled crystal detailing.

The 38-20 Chrono : The 38-20 is sized-down to hit all the right notes with contemporary shape, special 5-link bracelet for comfort and Swarovski™ crystal flossed bezel.

The Luca : Petite proportions and faceted, beveled crystal make for a decidedly smart take on what a little big deal is.

New collections this season include The Shimmer Collection, The Born Worn Collection, The Gunmetal Collection, and The Gator Collection.

The Shimmer Collection: A hint of shine and a touch of distressing reveals imperfections that make for perfect. Soft metallics and layers of textures create looks that don't overpower, taking you somewhere you've never been before.

This season we continue to keep our promise of bringing you the latest from our world of team designed, custom-built products. Welcome to the new.