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John John Florence featured in new Interpol video

When "NEW INTERPOL SONG" popped up on the feeds we were excited. However, something seemed strangely familiar right around the 1:30 mark. No, not the post punk guitar riff or Joy Division-esque grind of the bass line, but instead in the unmistakable style of a black and white silhouetted surfer doing a massive, slowed down air. Without delay, a quick scroll down to the credits revealed the (not so) mysterious surfer to be John John Florence. While new music from Interpol is usually enough to get us stoked, seeing two of our favorite's collide in one unexpected, 4 minute clip is as rare and exciting as a powder day in August.

Enjoy Interpol's new video for "All The Rage Back Home", directed by Sophia Peer and Paul Banks, above and find out more about their new album, "El Pintor", out September 8/9 via their website.