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Morgan Smith wins Battle At The Berrics 4

Morgan Smith wins Battle At The Berrics 4

Canadian Morgan Smith wins Battle at The Berrics 4 on Canada Day! Morgan battled Mike Mo Capaldi in the semifinals and PJ Ladd in the finals in front of a large crowd at The Berrics on July 1. Morgan victoriously endured through endless kickflips and flat ground tricks for the win! Check out the coverage below:

The Day-Of Interview with Morgan Smith: Morgan calmly skates through Los Angeles and through Skid Row as he mentally prepares for the last day of BATB4

The Championship Battle:
Morgan Smith vs. PJ Ladd

Photos of the Finals:

Post-Finals Interview:
Reda interviews Morgan Smith after the win

June 30: Text Yoself Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself with Morgan Smith:
Watch Morgan film a back 180, nollie tre, tre flip over the gap, cockroaches, his opinion on Torey Pudwill's Battle Commander, a special tribute to Josh Kalis' Photosynthesis part, and more.