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Project DETOUR: Alps

ProjectDETOUR is a new short film series shot at different locations across the Alps, Greece and California by Nixon snowboarder David Bertschinger Karg, or DBK, featuring Nicolas Müller and Stephan Maurer along with friends Shayne Pospisil, Austin Smith, Levi Luggen, Kevin Backström, Tyler Chorlton and many more.

This second episode brings us to The Alps, where David and Nico reside. With the tremendous season that the region experienced last year, DBK and his friends found themselves in the midst of a staycation that proved how "detour" can be a relative term. The result of their staycation is a short film in the projectDETOUR series with as many laughs as slashes, backflips and bails. When you're with your friends and having fun, everything just seems to fall into place. That's the way that snowboarding should be.