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Surfer Releases The 2013 Hot 100 Movie

Surfer Releases The 2013 Hot 100 Movie

Surfer Magazine has launched their esteemed Hot 100 rankings and the verdict is in: John John Florence is the world's best young surfer in 2013!

The 2013 list also includes the following Nixon team surfers:
Jack Freestone (#4)
Ezekiel Lau (#5)
Conner Coffin (#7)
Peterson Crisanto (#17)
Carloz Munoz (#26)
Kalani David (#28)
Beyrick Devries (#32)
Jacob Halstead (#45)
Quincy Davis (Girls #11)

Congrats to all the Nixon riders that are included!

Watch or download the 2013 Hot 100 full-length film on