The Andy Davis Time Teller P Collection

アンディ・デイビス コレクション

Artist Andy Davis’ work is a colorful tribute to beach culture. Pulsing with positivity and fun, his paintings depict life in sync with good waves and good times. Andy’s personal, artistic touch on the Time Teller P is a collaboration of two Southern California originals, which perfectly captures the spirit of Nixon’s home base.


The Built to Last Collection


Designed with the mindset that plotting a new course means losing the safety net, durability and purpose are paramount for the Built to Last Collection. The grayscale of an urban landscape gets pierced by surgical hits of white and industrial orange for a look that’s as inspired as much by the streets as it is by those who run them.


The Warm Tones Collection


Get wrapped up in the Warm Tones Collection. Details inspired by vintage stereo systems combined with refined materials and small pop accents give this collection the feeling of a favorite record that reveals new depth with every spin.


The Captain Fin Co. Collection

キャプテンフィン コレクション

We’ve shanghaied fin and accessories brand Captain Fin Co. to bring their fun, lo-fi punk rock vibe to two of their favorite watches, the Porter Leather and the Base Tide Nylon. Drop the anchor; this is the port for good times, and we’re going to stay a while.


The Daily Driver Collection

クリーン & モダン

Taking cues from classic overland vehicles, the Daily Driver Collection commutes easily between utility and elegance. Horween leather straps and brushed steel accents create a clean, modern aesthetic.


The Field Tested Collection


Designed with a tolerance of reliability and utility, the Field Tested Collection is tough, tactical, and totally adventure ready. Cerakote-coated cases and bands take abuse like a bare-knuckle brawler while classic styles reflect the confidence of someone who’s ready for anything.


The Secret Spot Collection


Inspired by hidden beaches where the vibes are good, and the waves are better. With help from legendary surf artist Andy Davis, the Secret Spot Collection uses lush color and tropical textures to celebrate uncharted adventure.


The Multi-Cam Collection

マルチカモ コレクション

Developed in with the philosophy that even everyday missions require a proper load out, This collection is a tactical take on some of our most essential pieces. Featuring official Marine MultiCam, this is style that stands out, even when it blends in.


The Stark Contrast Collection


Exploring the boundaries of minimalism, the Stark Contrast Collection intersects modern design with textural details to create a look that is both austere and appealing. Utilizing matte and polished finishes as well as micro-embossing, this collection proves that style is black and white.


More Flavors


More Flavors