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10 Things You Should Know about Mark Cuningham

10 Things You Should Know about Mark Cuningham

  1. Mark towers over many of the pros, standing in at 6'4".
  2. Mark's known to be a world-class bodysurfer, but he also rips at surfing.
  3. Never one to turn down an invite to a good costume party, you can count on Mark to have a costume buried deep in his suitcase no matter what part of the world he's in.
  4. He loves his partner in crime, Kayte
  5. He can't resist a good sunset rum cocktail, especially when the weather is warm.
  6. His personality is almost as big as he is. Mark's got an infectious smile, laugh and is quite the story teller.
  7. As a dedicated advocate of Defend Oahu Coalition, Mark is driven to keep the North Shore in its pristine state. More info:
  8. He leaves a trail behind him that can easily be identified as Keep the Country COUNTRY!
  9. Mark has made hundreds of saves as a North Shore Lifeguard but more impressively has prevented thousands of situations that would have required rescues.
  10. As much as Mark loves a good swell, he also makes use of flat days with his hobby of snorkeling and collecting what people leave behind on the reef. Recently, he's turned these found artifacts into an art show.

Watch Mark in action in this beautiful video shot by renowned water unit cinematographer Daren Crawford.