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Danny Davis and crew on the Alli Show Nov 14th

Danny Davis and crew on the Alli Show Nov 14th

The Alli Show, premiering this Saturday on MTV2 at 11:00pm,  is a portrait of each of the six sports included in the Alliance (skate, BMX, moto, wake, freeski and snowboard) as told through the stories of the athletes at the center of their respective sports. Featuring athletes who are making a name for themselves through their competitions, videos and editorials, The Alli Show also showcases each athlete's style and personality.
Each episode of The Alli Show captures the lifestyle and personality of the featured athletes as they set out to accomplish a mission or challenge that showcases the talent and individuality of those involved.

The Snowboard episode will air on 11/14 at 11:00pm and feature Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, Luke Mitrani and Zach Mitrani
Made up of seven best friends who are some of the most progressive riders in the world, the Frends Crew are always at the top at competitions but nevertheless make friendship and fun their top priority. Entering an Olympic year, the Frends Crew is trying to balance a schedule that includes training for the Olympics, battling injuries and obligations and learning how to create a legitimate business out of what was originally just a funny website. But even with all the pressure, the Frends know that friendship, having fun and laughter are most important.
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