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Introducing The Tangent, New from Nixon

Introducing The Tangent, New from Nixon


A beast in the field, The Tangent comes equipped for the mission. Analog tide functionality is housed within the burly hybrid construction of a stainless steel and superior G10 materials. Built for life in the water at full speed, this Swiss Made watch features a 9 o'clock crown to avoid surfer's wrist-bite, analog tide dial, hardened mineral crystal and custom machined, glass-reinforced thermoset epoxy laminate bezel.

About G10
Heavier and stronger than carbon fiber, G10 is a glass-reinforced thermoset epoxy laminate. The material is non-conductive, does not warp or crack, and is completely waterproof. Originally developed for use in high-stress electrical, medical, and aerospace applications, G10 is now commonly found in top quality knife and gun handles as well as high performance big wave surfboard fins because of its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio and very limited flexibility. This contributed to the inspiration behind the use of G10 on the Nixon Tangent—a team-designed, custom built watch built to withstand the elements.