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The Perfect Blend Of Classic & Clever: The Wit

The Perfect Blend Of Classic & Clever: The Wit

With subtle tweaks to traditional styling, The Wit blurs the lines between work and play.

Style isn't static, it evolves. New for 2012, Nixon welcomes The Wit. The Wit is sharp and sophisticated but daring dial details make it fun and fresh. Its progressive design creates a fine balance of classic and clever; an inspiring choice for work, weekends, or whatever.

The Wit borrows heavily from the classics with its smooth, rounded lines and Italian leather band, but this watch makes a bold, new statement. Gone are traditional numbers on the dial. The ample 38mm dial design features the Nixon name as raised indices plus an elegantly domed, hardened mineral crystal. Look closer and you will find a stealth Nixon wordmark detailing on the inner dial ring. Now available in tigerseye, gold/brown and white.