The following payment options are available:

Credit/Debit Card

Your order will be sent for processing as soon as the acquiring bank has accepted your payment. Your card details are encrypted according to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and are never legibly transmitted on the network. The payment is completed directly by the bank. Nixon does not have access to your card details and we do not store them on our servers. This is why you have to re-enter your details for each new purchase on our website. If you encounter any issue processing a transaction, feel free to contact our customer service at 0800 155 336 and we’ll help you finding out what went wrong.


You can pay for your order via PayPal. The payment is handled by PayPal and their terms and conditions apply. If a transaction is denied, please contact PayPal directly as we do not have access to PayPal account data.

Fraud Management

In order to provide a secure online shopping experience, Nixon has integrated fraud prevention tools into the online payment process. Each transaction is screened for fraud indicators to ensure the identification of the cardholder and protect you from fraud. Nixon reserves the right to verify the validity of all payments before shipping an order, like requesting supporting evidence such as I.D. documents and proof of address, etc. Any information you provide to us will be treated as confidential and destroyed after the payment has been verified.

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