Tide Watch Essentials

A Gift for Every Kind of Surfer

Each and every Nixon tide watch is "team designed and custom-built" for surfing. But since no two surfers are the same, no two tide watches are either. So which is the best tide watch for the special person you want to gift?

Pre-Programmed Tide Watches

Want no guess-work tide data, no matter where you are in the world?

Base Tide Pro Watch - Lifestyle Base Tide Pro Watch - Product

The Base Tide Pro

Your Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t Pre-Programmed Tide Watch.

Rival Watch - Lifestyle Rival Watch - Product

The Rival

A Ripping Pre-Programmed Tide Watch with a Smaller Profile Perfect for Women.

Simplified Tide Watches

Want an easy to use 10 atm digital with basic tide in a full quiver of colors?

Siren Watch - Lifestyle Siren Watch - Product

The Siren / Siren SS

A More Tapered Profile Tide Watch with an Innate Sense of Style Both In and Out of the Water

Base Tide - Lifestyle Base Tide - Product

The Base Tide

A Minimalist Tide Watch That's Easy to Use, Easy to Read.

Connected Tide Watches

Want all the apps, all the reports, Bluetoothed right to your wrist?

The Ultratide Watch - Lifestyle The Ultratide Watch - Product

The Ultratide

Easy one touch Bluetooth® sync with your smartphone to browse the entire Surfline network.

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