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DIALED IN: The Colorblocked Camp Site

DIALED IN: The Colorblocked Camp Site

No surprises here—we love being outdoors and, at this time of year, that includes lots of camping. But here's the catch: Just because we're surrounded by nature and, sure, the standard surplus colored gear is a time-tested staple, we're not looking to just fade into the majestic surroundings.

This year, we're taking our cues from the rad, color blocked nineties campsites of yore—you know, when clashing hues didn't seem to be a problem for anyone. Get psyched on five panel hats of random strips of yellow or fuscia, hiking boots with little triangles of teal, even a tent that's equal parts orange and bubblegum pink. If all else fails, at least we'll be less likely to get lost in the woods.

Credits (clockwise from top): Maxwell Pocket Tee, Indy 5 Panel Hat, Gridlock Case, Neon Backpack, Insulated Mugs, Colorblock Tent, Vintage Hiking Boots, Ski Jacket.