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Nixon Music Playlist: Pop Rocks

Nixon Music Playlist: Pop Rocks

Dad Rock isn't what used to be. Thanks to the advent of father-friendly music tech like iPods and Pandora, long gone are the days of Jimmy Buffett and "Hotel California" playing on a loop in the volvo's CD changer. In advance of upcoming Father's Day celebrations, Nixon Music has carefully curated a playlist of jams that dad will dig without the whole family reaching for their earbuds.

Jeff Tweedy, the patron saint of Dad Rock, leads off our brand new "Pop Rocks" mix of father friendly tunes. Tweedy has famously defended the genre saying, "I don't find anything undignified about being a dad or being rocking, you know?"

We're right there with him, so pass along this playlist to any paternal rockers out there and do your part to help keep dad-core alive.

If you're looking to give your pops a little more than a playlist this fathers day, Nixon surfer Josh Kerr, and snowboarder Hana Beaman made some picks to help you out in our Father's Day Gift Guide.

Nixon Music Playlist: Pop Rocks