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Ultradome, presented by Milo Ventimiglia launches solving an age old debate

Ultradome, presented by Milo Ventimiglia launches solving an age old debate

01.20.10 Ever wonder who would win in a battle between a Jedi Knight and Frodo Baggins? Step into the Ultradome and see if a hobbit can overcome some Jedi mind tricks.

DiVide Pictures, actor/producer Milo Ventimiglia's production company, presents Ultradome, a tongue-in-cheek, short-format digital video series that taps into the comic book, video game, action-adventure, fantasy and science-fiction culture. Each episode of Ultradome begins with two characters engaged in a heated and humorous pop culture debate, such as "Should I have a Lord of the Rings- or a Star Wars-themed wedding?," or "Could Harry Potter beat Neo in a fight?" Reaching a fever-pitched stalemate, the characters find themselves transported to the Ultradome - a packed stadium where the two engage in single combat, using weaponry, gear and skills from the pop culture touchstones referenced in the argument. Nothing is off limits inside the Ultradome - and creative and casting possibilities are endless, as Ventimiglia and Agility plan to use connections to sci-fi enthusiast actors, writers and directors to build a bevy of high-profile cameos and cinematic visual effects.

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