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Zeitgeist: A Poster A Day With Designer Alex Proba

Zeitgeist: A Poster A Day With Designer Alex Proba

Every so often, the women of Nixon like to pop over to Happenings and tell us a thing or two about what's hip and catching our fancy this week. "Zeitgeist" is a series that brings to light goings on in the world of arts and cultural awesomeness around the globe.

If there are two things we love at Nixon (well, besides exceptionally rad watches), it's a strong sense of color and a nearly mind-numbing challenge. We get all that and more with graphic designer Alex Proba's a poster a day project: Every day for the past 285 (and counting), Proba puts together a sweet-as-hell graphic image, either an off-kilter collage, a super stylized gif—or, you know, a meat popsicle. Does it help that Proba's unifying theme and driving force, like ours, is time? Totally. And we can't wait to see what she's cooking up tomorrow.