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Nixon Gets Weird on the North Shore

Nixon took its unconventional and homespun surf contest to the North Shore of Oahu with THE WEIRD, a regional surf contest that evens the playing field for all who compete.

THE WEIRD's third invitational event took place in chest-high, fun waves at Ehukai. 18 surfers assembled on the shore for this one-day event including John John Florence, Dusty Payne, Zeke Lau, Nathan Florence, Paul Fisher, Christian Fletcher, Dustin Barca, Finn McGill, Cheyne Magnusson, Josh Kerr, Daniel Jones, and Kamalei Alexander. The contest consisted of three six-man heats judged by fellow peer participants, with the top two of each heat advancing.

Unlike most typical surf contests THE WEIRD is held with a strange, odd, eccentric, quirky—call them what you will—quiver to choose from. Shaped by Hawaii local, John Pyzel from Pyzel Surfboards, boards ranged in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including everything from a Simmons twin fin to a mini bonzer. Pyzel shaped the boards with only the criteria—make them weird but contestable. Surfers then had to draw straws to see what board they would surf.

THE WEIRD took place in the midst of the craziness surrounding the Billabong Pipe Masters and was Nixon's alternative to the norm fusing fun and no pressure into a competition format.

In the finals of the event were Finn McGill, Cheyne Magnusson, Dustin Barca, Josh Kerr, Daniel Jones, and Kamalei Alexander. Barca came up on top, judged by his own peers as being the absolute best at shredding THE WEIRD boards, and thus took the first place prize of $1,000.

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Keep a look out on the beaches for more from THE WEIRD in the coming months!