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Choice(s) - A Nixon Showcase

Choice(s) - A Nixon Showcase

Nixon presents a new creative concept in collaboration with Dogway Magazine and Apetit Gallery: "Choice(s) – A Nixon showcase".

From November 17th until 26th, 2012, Apetit Gallery in the heart of Bilbao in the Spanish Basque country will be the showplace of a one-of-a-kind art installation dedicated to the Nixon universe. "Choice(s) – A Nixon showcase" features artwork by renowned photographers like Kevin Métallier and Alex Laurel, capturing the most beautiful moments of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as intriguing urban sceneries and rarely seen landscapes. As "a tribute to those who chose to ride" the creative concept highlights the unique bond between riders, their boards and the environment, the esthetical flow of movements and the beauty of simplicity held in a photograph.

Furthermore, Nixon presents some of its most prestigious projects like Keith Malloy's cinematographic tribute to bodysurfing "Come Hell or High Water", the Nixon x Plan B Soundclash Project and photo collections of various journeys all around the globe. Set up in Apetit Gallery, one of Northern Spain's premium locations for genuine and innovative art concepts, the installation will benefit from the relaxed, yet contemporary vibe of the historic center of Bilbao.

"Choice(s) – A Nixon Showcase" will officially be inaugurated on Saturday, November 17th with live music, tapas and aperitif at 9 pm. Nixon warmly invites you to join the celebration at Apetit Gallery, Calle Conde Mirasol 11, ?Bilbao.

Check out the photo gallery of the opening party here.