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Dedicated to the life and work of Trevor "Trouble" Andrew, Desillusion x Nixon proudly present the launch of their latest collaboration.

Gaining worldwide fame as a professional snowboarder, Trevor showed the world quickly that he means "Trouble" outside of the half pipe and X-Games circuit as well. Following his passion and inspired by his wife and mentor Santigold, Trevor has now established himself as a musician in New York City. But it doesn't stop here; all along his career, Trevor went from virtuoso snowboarder to fashion innovator to skate punk electro artist to honky-tonk warbler, while always staying true to himself and his own ideas. Trevor Andrew may be many things at once but his signature is style.

Last fall, Desillusion followed Trevor on a journey around Brooklyn and New York City. The short documentary shows the city, its people, music and art scene out of Trouble's very own perspective, while sharing his vision of life and the board sports culture. "This is Trouble" captures some unique and intriguing footage of a personality and creative mind, inspired by snowboarding and rock'n'roll.

The movie introduces the 1st issue of Desillusion's new Guest Editor series to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Trevor Andrew, who has been part of the Nixon family for many years, will make the debut of this line of six special issues, dedicated to some of the main characters of the board sports, art and music culture that inspired Desillusion for the last decade.

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