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Dune Freestyle with Wojtek Pawlusiak

Dune Freestyle with Wojtek Pawlusiak

You've never seen sandboarding like this. Just because it's June and (most of) the snow has melted, doesn't mean pro snowboarders get to take a vacation, right? Not if you're Nixon snowboarder Wojtek Pawlusiak, anyway. Wojtek usually spends his winters searching for and destroying city handrails — usually at night and in sub-zero temperatures. So when he got the call to fly over to Abu Dhabi for some next-level sandboarding, Poland's hardest working jibber was happy to take a change of scenery.

We've all seen sandboarding videos before: It's just like snowboarding — except the mountains are small and the snow isn't slippery. No wonder it's never really taken off as a sport. Add a high-powered, desert-optimized Dakar rally car and one of the biggest, steepest sand dunes on the Arabian Peninsula, and suddenly we're talking petroleum-soaked adrenaline sessions.
Especially if you throw pro rally driver Jakub Przygonski and a couple of handrails (sandrails?) into the mix. That was the setup, and we think the resulting video definitely raises the bar. What do you think?


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