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Nazare paddling session

Friday 11th January 2013, Nixon's Eric Rebiere & Benjamin Sanchis paddled along with Shane Dorian to tackle some monster waves in Portugal.

"It is so scary and so dangerous, but it has everything," said Dorian. "It's super intense, super technical, big, gnarly, spooky, you know all things we love about big wave surfing. And to surf it with Eric and Sancho, who are a classic guys and did so well out there, was really special. François Leits and the Billabong Adventure Division also made it all happen so I'm just super stoked to have been a part of it."

"This is just the start for us," said Rebiere. "That was the first time I had paddled Nazaré at that size. Both Sancho and I learned a lot from Shane, from his equipment to his whole approach. We are keen to keep paddling this wave and keep improving. The potential is huge."

While Nazaré has come to the forefront of the big wave surfing over the last few years, its offshore deepwater canyon concentrating huge swells onto the break, this session was historic in terms of paddling. Dorian, Sanchis and Rebiere proved that one of Europe and the world's best and most gnarly big wave spots can be approached with paddle power only.

Check out the photo gallery here.