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HOSSEGOR, FRANCE- Nixon is proud to welcome Fergal Smith (IRL) to the European Surf Team. While 23-year-old Fergal has been on the Nixon program for a few years now, his fellow pro teammates recently doffed their caps to him in no uncertain terms by taking a vote and promoting him to the European Surf Team ranks.

Widely recognized as one of Europe's hardest charging surfers, Fergal is part of a small, tight-knit crew that put the west coast of Ireland on the global surfing map. After taming legendary waves back home including Aileens and Rileys, Fergal has been busy traveling the world in search of big wave perfection.

The County Mayo surfer said: «To get the nod from my teammates and to make the leap up to the European Surf Team is a real honor. Nixon have been right behind me from the moment I came onboard, and I'm stoked to take things to the next level. It feels really good to know that paying your dues can pay off like this!»

Currently enjoying an extended surf trip to the Southern hemi with stops in Australia, Indo, Fiji, and Tahiti, Fergal is busy making a name for himself wherever and whenever he surfs. Watch him paddle into pumping Teahupoo earlier this summer right here, and be sure to check out Fergal's interview in the latest issue of Surf Europe to find out more about what makes him tick.

Franck Corbery, Marketing Manager at Nixon Europe, commented: «Fergal has been charging super hard for a good few years now, and this big sign of recognition from his fellow teammates is a testament to his incredible talent in the water, and his unique personality outside of it.»