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75+ Unique Watch Engraving Ideas

While it’s not a tattoo, engraving your watch isn’t something to rush into. So what do you engrave on a watch? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to inspire you.

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How to Clean a NATO or Nylon Watch Strap

The ease of a NATO strap extends to the cleaning process as well. Learn about the simple cleaning methods for your NATO band, keeping this workhorse of a watchband in tip-top shape.

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How to Clean a Rubber or Silicone Watch Band

Rubber watch straps need regular cleaning to look (and smell) their best. Learn how to clean your rubber or silicone watch band quickly and easily at home.

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How to Remove & Change a Watch Band

Changing a watch band is something anyone can do with the right set of tools and a steady hand. Whether it has spring bars, quick release, or screw pins, we'll explain how to make the switch without damaging your watch, band, or ego.

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How to Clean a Leather Watch Band

Wearing a leather band makes it yours, and it only gets better with age, provided you take care of it. Learn how to clean and protect your leather watch band.

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What is Watch Lug Width and How to Measure It

You wouldn’t go shopping for jeans without knowing your waist size. The same goes for watch band shopping; you need to know your watch’s lug width before you slap down cash on a new strap.

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How to Install & Put a NATO Strap on a Watch

NATO straps are easy to put on your watch for a style upgrade. Learn how to do it yourself with our step-by-step guide.

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NATO Strap Guide | What are NATO Watch Straps?

Learn what a NATO strap is, how they work, how to choose a quality NATO band, and finally, how to rock one.  

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Types of Watch Band Straps & Clasps Explained

This guide covers the different watch bands that Nixon offers, the materials they come in, and each's functionality. Get inspired to personalize your watch with a second — or third — band.

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Introducing the Art of the Escape.

Escaping is something we take seriously. Watch as we explore The Art of the Escape.

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