Travis Pastrana


Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana has undoubtedly become the most notable two-wheel athlete and one of the most famous rally drivers in the world.

Along with his impressive speeds on the motocross and supercross tracks, Pastrana takes to the air like he was born with wings. Starting at the age of four with a one-speed Honda Z-50, he was soon hammering his way through a string of National Amateur Motocross titles culminating with a World Freestyle Championship at the of age 14, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He has already achieved more in his career than most racers and not only in the motocross world. Pastrana has expanded his repertoire of sports to include Supercross and Freestyle Motocross, for which he might be the most recognized face of the sport. Besides winning several X-Games gold medals, he is also credited with inventing many of the sport’s most demanding tricks including the double back flip. Each year, he continues to raise the bar for the moto world.

More recently, Pastrana has mastered rally car racing on the national circuit, and holding the world records for flying a car over a 269-foot gap and climbing Mt. Washington. He's also started racing NASCAR in the U.S. It’s very possible that there is not anything that Travis can’t do and do well.