Men's Automatic Watches

What Does Automatic Watch Mean?

"Automatic watch" refers to the type of movement used that powers the watch. Automatic watches are powered by the physical movement of the wearer, which is converted into energy to power the movement. They do not require batteries, but you will have to reset the time of your watch occassionally if you don't wear the watch for a period of time. Visit our blog to learn more on how Automatic watches work.

When you're ready to step up to the pinnacle of precision, craftsmanship, and detail, an Automatic watch is what you need. Our men's Automatic watches feature self-winding movements that use your wrists' kinetic energy to power them. No more battery changes, no charging, just wear these Automatic watches for men, and they'll run. 

The mechanics of Automatic watches are complex and intricate. Each movement has a certain number of jewels, which act as bearings for the Automatic watch's mechanical gears and springs. Because the gems are polished, they have minimal friction, thus allowing the watch movement to run smoothly. 

The latest styles of our Automatic The latest styles of our Automtaic watches for men are all "fully-jeweled," meaning they have at least 17 jewels in the movement. The most common watch band type among our Automatics is the stainless steel bracelet. 

These watches are dynamic, too. They fit perfectly with your outfit on a business day. And they don't look out of place when you're feeling more casual. 

Men's Automatic watches are so much more than just something used to tell time. They are elegant pieces of machinery that capture the passion for precision and design. Buying an Automatic watch shows you're a person that appreciates the beauty of a timepiece well beyond its functionality. 

Welcome to the rarefied air of Nixon Automatic watches, some of our favorite watches for men.