Men's Stainless Steel Watches

Nothing beats the performance and look of Nixon stainless steel men's watches. Shop our collection and find the perfect style of stainless steel watch for yourself or a gift. We have men's stainless steel watches in our classic designs for that clean look that is a must have for every true fan, from matte black to two tone gold and silver.

Although all our of watch designs focus on premium quality, we never overlook style. And because personal style can vary, Nixon offers stainless steel watches in black, gunmetal, gold, silver, and many more color options. From digital steel watches to our Dork Too talking watch, we have you covered. But if you're looking for even more choices, check out the full selection of mens watches online.

You can find a unique style, in stainless steel or silicone, by visiting the watch collection links provided below. Sign up for email updates through the footer below to stay updated on new men's stainless steel designs coming in the future!