Outdoor Watches

Take on the world wearing a best outdoor watch from Nixon! These adventure watches are built to take on the elements, complete with features to enhance your journey. From water resistance to length battery life and a countdown timer, these durable watches are built for exploring the great outdoors.

Track your trip with an outdoor fitness watch and measure altitude gains and stay on course with a digital compass. Never get off guard while trekking into the unknown when you wear a rugged watch with thermometer and barometer tech to keep you in the know. You can even set a weather alert!

Find your ultimate adventure companion, choose from our lineup of men’s outdoors watches and women’s outdoors watches. Explore the world with a watch that suits your pursuits!

For a style other than an outdoor watch, we've listed some popular categories below. Click through to find stainless steel watches, mechanical watches, watches for everyday use and even solar powered timepieces!