The 51-30 Chrono, Time Teller and Sentry are three of the best selling and most popular watch models in the Nixon line.

These three watches have been included in countless collaborations and are available in countless combinations of color and material.

We touched base with a few collectors of these best selling styles to get their opinion.

51-30 Chrono Collectors

The oversized 51-30 Chrono watch always makes a bold statement.

Two Nixon fans, Blake Patjens and Scott Borgfjord, have made the 51-30 the centerpiece of their watch collections.

Favorite 51-30:

"Without a doubt, my favorite 51-30 is my lucky 7 of 300 from the Nixon x Metallica Collab. My wildest custom is a Frankenstein built from 3 broken 51-30s. I currently have a collection of 92 Nixon watches, 9 of which are 51-30s." - Blake

"My All Rose Gold 51-30 is my favorite. I don't have any crazy customs, but my Camo 51-30 is pretty unique and I get lots of compliments on it." - Scott

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Time Teller Collector

No watch in the Nixon lineup is quite as diverse as the Time Teller. Whether you want a solar watch, the latest Nixon collab, or a watch made with recycled ocean plastic, you can turn to the Time Teller with confidence. 

Jaiver Cachón is a Time Teller collector who owns 52 variations of this Nixon watch, and counting.

Favorite Time Teller:

"Without question, aesthetically, the Andy Davis collab and the two Jason Jessee Santa Cruz Time Tellers. They were very difficult to get and the sphere of Guadalupe Virgin is an icon of skate street culture."

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Sentry Collector

The Sentry has that classic watch look, while being available in a variety of colors, materials and movements.

Robert Burton, a Product Development Associate here at Nixon, is a collector of the Sentry.

Favorite Sentry:

"My favorite Sentry is from the Nixon x Pendleton collab. Growing up my grandma would always buy me a Pendleton shirt for Xmas so it reminds me of her and that’s why it is my favorite."

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