The newest addition to the Nixon watch lineup is the Stinger 44. Taking design cues from classic dive watches and equipped for the daily grind, the Stinger 44 comes with a couple surprises.

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Stinger 44 campaign imagery showing a man wearing the watch

Behind the Stinger 44

As the name implies, the Stinger 44 is a 44mm watch, a watch size that can comfortably fit a majority of wrist sizes. 

To come up with the design of the Stinger 44, we looked to dive watches of the 60s. That inspiration contributed to the aesthetic of the watch dial and the 5-link bracelet.

Don't be fooled though, this watch isn't stuck in the past. We updated it for the modern era by using a solar-powered watch movement.

Instead of putting the solar panel behind the watch face, we used a solar ring around the dial. That means there is more freedom when it comes to what can be done on the watch dial itself. 

The limited edition Stinger 44 takes full advantage of that freedom. During the day, the dial on the limited edition version is completely blacked out. But by night, you'll see that the entire dial is luminous. 

Fully luminous watch dial of the Limited Edition Nixon Stinger 44

On the other three styles of the Stinger 44, the hands and indices are all luminous. The other colorways of the Stinger 44 that are currently available include:

Features of the Nixon Stinger 44 dive watch.