Men's Surf & Tide Watches

Nixon’s roots are deeply set in Men's Surf Watches. Boasting good looks, brains, and brawn combined, our expansive line of surf watches rate second-to-none. If you are looking for the world's best surf watches, you've come to the right place.

The best tide watches for surfing are waterproof by nature and rugged enough to withstand the regular wear and tear that comes with getting in the water daily. Choose a digital surf watch with tide tracking functionality or opt for the classy look of analog tide that can double as a great everyday men's wrist watch. The extra features are what make surf and tide watches stand out. Time your surf session or use tide data to plan when you'll start catching waves at your favorite surf spots.

And you won't have to take the watch off! These types of watches have water resistance that keeps them ticking even when wet. However, be sure to take care of your surf watch to make sure it stands the test of time. The better you take care of your surf and tide watch, there's no telling how many waves you ride with it.

Whether you’re a pro looking for surf functionality with all the features or you're just looking for a waterproof watch that looks great on and off the beach, you'll find the perfect style with Nixon. If you want to see even more looks, browse all of our men's watches and find something that speaks to you. 

Or shop our collection of products made from recycled ocean plastic for true sustainability. In that collection, you'll find some of our most sustainable surf watch models.

The Nixon surf team weighed in on our best surf and tide watches of all time! Which surf watch will be voted the Greatest Of All Time?