Men's Dive Watches

With a Nixon dive watch on your wrist, you're ready to go deep. These watches go beyond water-resistance; we're talking about exploring hundreds of feet below the surface with ease. 

A dive watch can withstand the pressure that comes along with increased depth, thanks to their unique construction. And they keep water out when you're enjoying water sports. Our dive-ready watches come in stainless steel analog and digital versions, but what are the differences?

A dive watch probably comes to mind when you think of what a scuba diver wears while swimming amongst beautiful coral and colorful marine life. They usually have subdials or chronographs to give divers more information about how long they have been submerged and how long they can remain underwater. Many of our chronograph dive watches also feature a rotating bezel, which helps divers keep track of remaining oxygen time at a glance.

While analog movements may be the classic dive watch aesthetic, Nixon offers a selection of dive-ready digital watches as well. These team-tested timepieces are developed with input from our world-class athletes to be every bit as functional and durable as their analog counterparts. While an analog dive watch's functionality is often limited to timers, a digital dive watch can add many more features. These include tide information from beaches across the world, altimeters, thermometers, and more. If you're in the market for something besides analog movements, check out a Nixon digital in matte black or many other color variations.

Even if you're not venturing into the depths of the Mariana Trench and in need of a diver's watch, dive watches are an iconic look for those aiming to add depth to their watch roster. To find more sports watches, diving watches and other stylish designs in men's watches from stainless steel to watches that use a solar battery, check out the links below.