Men's Thin Watches

Sometimes you gotta go thin to win. A slim watch offers you both an understated, minimalist look and all-day wearability. Besides looking great and super comfortable, thin watches for men have a classic aesthetic that fits any outfit. 

Our best ultra-thin watches include analog and digital models giving you several versions of slim. By designing a case and bezel as narrow as possible, our men's slim watches lay flat on your wrist and are barely noticeable when you're wearing them. 

But, just because they are paper-thin watches doesn't mean they're skinny on features. You can find fully-functional, low-profile analog and digital watches that check all the boxes. From a fit standpoint, these watches are great if you have smaller wrists. Your pick might be a thin dress watch or a men's watches with a brown leather strap. The world is your oyster, and the particular model you choose should depend on your style preference... not the current fashion trends.

No one wants to feel like their watch is overwhelming their arm, so grab one of these low-profile beauties and keep things proportional with a thinner watch design. For more watch options other than our thinnest watches, check the links below. You can find watches with high water resistance, dress watches for special occasions or something more sporty!