Women's Surf & Tide Watches

Nixon's women's surf watches are a must when getting prepped to paddle out. Our line of tide watches for women has the surf-specific features you need to keep you informed of the best time to catch a set. They also have the materials and construction to keep you comfortable in the lineup for as long as your arms can paddle.

A Nixon surf watch for women often comes equipped with tide information. Depending on the model you choose, that ranges from basic high/low tide info for your local beach or pre-programmed tide data from over 500 beaches worldwide and the best surf spots. That info comes in handy when you want to know when to hit the beach but don't want to take the time for a spot check.

Nixon women's surf watches also come in a couple of different case options. We have composite cases — many of which are made from recycled ocean plastics and stainless steel cases. What case you choose largely comes down to personal preference, so either way, you're getting a robust and durable case for your surf watch.

Our women's surf watches also have ultra-comfortable bands, which let your wrist breathe in the water by channeling moisture from under the watch. The silicone band material is lightweight, durable, water resistant, and very soft, so you can go from the street to the beach and back again without worrying about discomfort.

Check out what real surfers have to say about the many benefits provided by the best Nixon surf watches! Plus, you'll find info on the favorite surf spots of our favorite surfers.

We also have a wide selection of watches and bags made from recycled ocean material worth checking out. So, before your next surf session, pick up a Nixon surf watch for women, and be ready to rip! And for options other than the women's surf watches provided here, check out the links below.