Women's Acetate Watches

Thanks to the handmade acetate we use, Nixon's women's acetate watches are sophisticated, lightweight, and totally unique. What sets our women's acetate watches apart is how we use the material to accentuate the watch silhouette's design. Thanks to the nature of handmade acetate, colors and patterns are not uniform, giving each watch its own look. To understand how that happens, you've got to know how to make acetate by hand.

The first step in making the material for our women's acetate watches, colored dyes are infused into the clear cellulose to give them pigment. Next, we stack the colored sheets of cellulose on top of one another in a pattern. Think layer cake, but with plastic. Then the layers are placed under enormous amounts of pressure to fuse them into a single block. Once combined, a planer machine cuts thin sheets of acetate off the block, making the watch band material.

The nature of acetate is that the combinations of colors and patterns are limited only by the imagination. So when we create an acetate version of one of our watch styles, the material becomes a new part of the watch's personality. It gives the watch a refined, durable, yet warm feel because light plays off the acetate's translucent areas, almost making it glow.

Give your look a little light show. Shop our collection of women's acetate watches today.