Women's Boyfriend Watches

We had so many guys complain to us about their girlfriends stealing their watches to wear for themselves that we decided to put together a collection of easy style boyfriend watches.

Oversized women's watches are one thing, but a boyfriend-style watch has a bit more masculine feel. So we take classic silhouettes and spice them up with new colors, finishes, and materials to give you a line that isn't your boyfriend's watch. It just feels like it.

Boyfriend watches pair well with both dresses and jeans. Depending on the rest of your outfit, it can change the way your boyfriend watch comes across.

Don't make your boyfriend late by continuing to pillage his wardrobe. Get yourself your own boyfriend watch and inject a bit of masculinity into your accessory game.

To check out our watch collections apart from this boyfriend watch collection, follow the links below. We carry a ton of women's watches with less masculine style, and in a variety of colors too! From two tone gold and silver to rose gold stainless steel and leather strap watches, there's plenty to check out here at Nixon.