Having a watch storage solution that keeps your collection safe is essential. The options are infinite. But in this post we’ll cover some storage tricks and general tips that will help you soundly store your watches at home. 

5 Things to Remember When Storing Watches 

  1. Store them face up - One of the best ways to avoid scratching watch dials while they’re in storage is by storing them face up. Lower the odds of anything coming into contact with the most important parts of your watch, like the watch dial or watch bracelet for stainless steel. 
  2. Keep watch value in mind - Deciding which watch storage method to go with often comes down to the value of your collection. If you only have a couple watches that didn’t cost too much, the budget option probably works. But if you have a huge collection with lots of money tied up, going for something more secure like a lockbox may make the most sense. 
  3. Deal with humidity - Humidity is not your watch’s friend. If you can, figure out a way to keep your watches dry by either storing them in a temperature- controlled part of your home or by purchasing silica gel packets to store with your watches. 
  4. Avoid magnets - Magnets won’t destroy your watches, so don’t get paranoid. But be mindful of what surrounds your watches in storage. Devices that emit magnetic fields like televisions or computers can cause your watch to lose accuracy in the long run. 
  5. Have a solution that travels - Whether a watch winder box for all your Automatics or a lock box to protect your collection, figure out how to travel with your watches on the go. A cloth pouch could be the difference between coming home with a pristine watch and one that’s scuffed up from scratches. 

4 Best Ways to Store Watches 

The Budget Solution 

So, you want to do it yourself? While this isn’t the best way to store your watches, we understand. The easiest way to store watches at home without purchasing a watch storage unit is the old-fashion way: allocate space specifically for your timepieces in a drawer. Make use of something like a tray to section off a portion. Keep in mind that unless you use some material to separate your watches, you could damage them when slamming the drawer open and closed. Cloth pouches are an affordable way to help ensure your watches don’t get scratched with this method. 

The Showoff Solution 

Trying to flex your watch collection?? This is how you’ll want to store them Find a watch storage case that offers a see-through top. You can find these online anywhere from $15 to $100 and up. Each watch box comes with a dedicated section for your favorite watches, along with a roll that you can strap your watch around. Your decision here will really come down to how big of a box you need and how many watches you want to store simultaneously. 

The Automatic Solution

If your collection is heavy in watches with Automatic movements, you could opt to go with a watch case that keeps your timepieces ticking. A watch winder box is best for watch collectors with multiple Automatics. This type of watch storage box actively moves your watch around to keep it perpetually wound. See you later, time setting. 

The Overly Protective Solution 

This final solution may seem excessive, but for the watch collector with a lot of money invested in timepieces, it might be just the way to store your watches. If you’re really protective of your watch collection, look at purchasing a safe or lock box. Seriously. As you know, watches can get pricey, and the best way to ensure that they stay safe is to put them under lock and key. You can find relatively affordable options online that have electronic keypads to keep things safely tucked away.