You don’t want to miss out on The Bang Slalom 2022, the snowboard event that features some of the best in freestyle snowboarding but remains open for anyone to enter. The race down the mountain will take place at the Solheisen Resort in the snowboard paradise of Hemsedal, Norway between April 29 and May 1. Set your timers.  

Mikkel Bang with Bang Slalom 2022 logo

The event will be open to everyone and all ages, but don't be surprised to see legends flying down the course. Among the attendees will be Nixon team riders Mikkel Bang Bang (the creator and host) and Brock Crouch. The event focuses on creativity, style and having a good time. Also speed, so a good timepiece is critical for training.


As per usual, Nixon will be partnering with Bang Slalom to make sure the winners go out in style. This year we'll be giving away four select watches to the winners of the men's and women's divisions. The casebacks of the watches feature engraved artwork from local Norway artist Nicholas Henriksen.

Custom case back of Nixon trophy watch for Bang Slalom

Also brought to you by Burton, The Bang Slalom 2022 will be a stop of the Mystery Series as part of a migratory circuit of contests set in various countries around the world. What better place than Hemsedal, Norway.

Come hang with the pros and maybe become one at Bang Slalom 2022. If you're feeling up for it, register on the Bang Slalom webpage.

For a behind-the-scenes look into the custom artwork on the Nixon trophy watches for Bang Slalom 2022, check out the Q&A with the artist Nicholas Henriksen below!

Q&A with Artist Nicholas Henriksen 


Name: Nicholas Henriksen

Relationship to Mikkel: Think the first time I met Mikkel was early nineties, surfing Saltstein and he was out there with his dad.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Local Peak: Going left at Saltstein (surf spot)

Tattoo Shop: Blue Arms Tattoo

Nicholas Henriksen in the act of tattooing a back

Nicholas Henriksen is an artist who holds it down at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo, Norway. He has been tattooing professionally since 1994, having started earlier by tattooing himself and friends. A surf rat in those icy Norwegian waters, he met Mikkel in the 90s while surfing a spot called Saltsein. This year Nicholas came through by providing intricate lynx designs to be engraved on the casebacks of the Nixon trophy watches.

Where does your artistic style and inspiration come from?

I'm mostly inspired by Japanese traditional tattooing. First time I saw a Japanese traditional body suit, that was it! 

Was there meaning or a story behind lynx figure for Bang Slalom 2022?

The lynx is the Hemsedal area mascot animal I believe. So it was natural to use it. I think I have done five different designs based on the lynx. The lynx is a shy, but fierce cat. Sadly, it's being hunted over here.

How does it vary tattooing someone versus creating art for another use (like the back of a Nixon watch)?

Wow, so different and a lot more challenging, at least for me I think. You have way less boundaries with this type of design, than you do designing for tattooing. What I'm going for in tattooing is pretty limited. Less is more.

What's your relationship to Mikkel? How many tattoos have you put on him? Would those tattoo concepts come from you, him or the two of you together?

I have done two big thigh pieces on Mikkel - a dragon on his left and a tiger on his right thigh. Both power animals to aid his legs going downhill. He's a great client dealing with the pain part. Warrior.

What is something unique about where you live that you think has affected your art?

Not so much geographically but I think the punk rock and hardcore scene affected me artistically and personally. The cold and dark parts of the year have always been about being indoors and being creative in some way.

For more from Nicholas, check him out at @nicholasbluearms on Instagram.