Bucket Hats

Bust out a bucket hat for funky vibes and complete coverage from the sun. A Nixon bucket hat can toss shade onto your shoulders on sunny days while looking good from every angle. Whether you’re in the streets looking fresh or checking in with nature and needing full brim coverage, the best bucket hats brings comfort to every occasion. 

Fold-and-pack bucket hats are easy additions to stuff into any bag. Choose a wild pattern bucket hat that reverses into a solid color to match your split personality or something with a tie dye vibe, and keep your head up for new releases in materials, looks and fun-ctional design.

You'll find the perfect fit among with a Nixon bucket hat. With a wide brim and comfy fit, you're guaranteed to be feeling fresh... and cool! You can't deny the sun protection a trusty bucket hat can provide.

Looking for something other than a bucket hat? Shop the easy way and check out more Nixon hat collections for men and women through the links provided below!