Hip Packs

The hip pack is something that transcends culture. Whether you refer to it as a fanny pack, bum bag, or waist pack, you know it's one of the most convenient ways to carry your everyday essentials.

The Nixon fanny pack/waist pack is insanely functional. The strap is long enough to extend and wear as a cross body pouch. Or, cinch it up and throw it around your waist and have easy and secure access to your stuff while keeping your hands free.

For travel or outdoor excursions, a hip pack offers you just enough space for things like snacks, ID, phone, and your wallet, without feeling like you're carrying around a full-sized bag. If you need that, though, check out our line of backpacks, which give you ample storage and tons of organizational features.

Another reason why our hip packs are so popular is their unisex appeal. Men's fanny packs are just as popular as women's and are a great compliment to our line of men's watches and women's watches.

For the fashionable, the well-traveled, or the active, a Nixon hip pack for everyday use guarantees that all your carry needs go to waist. If you're looking for more styles of Nixon bag, you can find a shoulder big, sling bag and other crossbody bags through the links below.