Nora Vasconcellos

As a child, the purple-haired skateboard heroine Reggie from Rocket Power inspired Nora Vasconcellos to pick up a board herself. Eventually, she quit her full-time job to spend several days on a train from Massachusetts to California to vagabond her way into the world of skateboarding.

A few, short years later, Welcome Skateboards was printing ‘Nora Vasconcellos’ on her custom-shaped board while adidas added her as their first woman on the team. Next she would find contest wins and magazine accolades surrounding her. Then came the short documentary titled Nora, where mastermind lensman Giovanni Reda showcased to the world her origin story  and progression to the top.

Nora is also an artist and surfer. Like her skating, she has an approach that is all her own. Nora’s style bleeds through concrete, canvas and whatever else is at her disposal whether it has four wheels, three fins or a full spectrum of color.

Follow along with Nora @noravexplora on Instagram or read our full interview with Nora Vasconcellos here.