Shun Murakami

A known threat in Japanese surf, Shun Murakami started making serious international waves in 2019. After claiming the Japan Open of Surfing title at Tsurigasaki Beach, Shun collected a copper medal at the World Surfing Games in Miyazaki against a lineup of global elite. Shun fired off again in Japan that fall winning the Hyuga Pro, a WSL QS event. Then Shun surfed across seas to win another WSL QS title at the Corona Open in China to start 2020. Today, Shun's surf prowess is recognized, and respected, globally.

What else is there to say about Shun? He is definitely a dog person, which keeps his life eternally outdoors. When he’s not in the woods he is back at the beach with a pole in hand and a fish on the line. Shun's an all-around outdoors and ocean ambassador.

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