Nixon x Amuse Society

It's not a look; it's a lifestyle. An exclusive collaboration with Amuse Society blends their beach aesthetic with a Nixon favorite. The Arrow Leather gets wrapped in warm gold with a touch of cream, bold snakeskin printed leathers, and a signature palm print for a limited-edition collection that feels a little rock 'n' roll and a little irreverent from the beach all the way to the streets.

Open Air Opulence

Amuse Society wears its love for all things beach, bling, and on its sleeve, and this collection puts that on full blast. It has the attitude of an impromptu-adventure with your crew in tow.

A Great Escape

The high-polish finishes, paired with wild textures and patterns are elegant irreverence. Like the unique cloth from which Amuse Society cut itself, this collection is singularly spectacular and seeks no approval for being bold.

Amuse Society Collection by Nixon