Sustainable Clothing & Accessories

Making our clothing and accessories more sustainable is a huge priority for us at Nixon. Finding new methods and materials that lessen our environmental impact are innovations you might not see on the surface, but make a big difference. 

Clothes made from plastic is a good starting point, but we've gone a step further by partnering with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ to make our clothes out of plastic waste destined for the sea. Taking trash out of the water while making t-shirts and fleece that look and feel amazing is a win-win for everyone. 

All it takes is feeling the fabric's softness to know there's nothing plastic-y about these sustainable clothes and accessories. REPREVE® Our Ocean™ plastics are collected and processed using the most environmentally-friendly way possible, making them an ideal partner to work with when it comes to bringing you the finest sustainable clothing and accessories. Scope our full line of recycled ocean material products today!