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Magic Moments: Surfline, Nixon and the Ultratide

Magic Moments: Surfline, Nixon and the Ultratide

A few months back Nixon introduced the Ultratide powered by Surfline. For the last 30 years the Surfline team has been head down, tirelessly working to provide surf condition information first by fax, then by phone (anyone remember 976-SURF?), on the web, as an app, and in 2015 with the Ultratide we ushered in the world's first real-time surf conditions watch. The evolution of technology and how Surfline and Nixon worked together to provide it in a smart, compact way was nothing short of an amazing partnership.

The launch of Ultratide also aligned with Surfline's 30th anniversary. The history, the milestones of groundbreaking swells, trips and discoveries deserve a look back on how Surfline got from there to here. Honoring the people and the moments of years past, Nixon, in partnership with Surfline, presents MAGIC MOMENTS, a three part editorial series highlighting pinnacle moments in surf forecasting.

Part one of the series starts in 1996 when Mike Stewart took off on an epic, first-of-its-kind chase, following a giant Southern Hemisphere swell from Tahiti to Alaska. Read the story here. Part two and three of MAGIC MOMENTS will be live this September and October. We will keep you posted when those stories are available.

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