The six defining graphics designed by artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, sold hundreds of thousands of decks and tee shirts because they so concisely represented skateboarding’s disenfranchised world. Upon their releases in the 1980s, they were collectively viewed by the non-initiated as dangerous, weird, rebellious, confusing, and artistic. Today they are considered a symbol for what it means to be a skateboarder.


The Nixon x Bones Brigade Time Tellers are available only at your local skate retailer and come with a free zine with purchase. Dive deep into the story behind the iconic works and read the full interviews with the team, Stacy Peralta, and J. Grant Brittain.

I don’t think skateboarding had an aesthetic before Court and Powell. I think they created an aesthetic for skateboarding. – Tony Hawk

I appreciate how Court uses the lines – they’re strong and super bold. – Steve Caballero

They don’t seem complicated, but man, at the time, they were. They were masterpieces. – Mike McGill

I credit George with this and maybe it was based on budget and costs, but he forced Courtney to draw down from where he wanted to draw, I think. He simplified it. He wanted the lines to be more simple and cleaner and easier to screen and more readable. – Lance Mountain

Court’s style … you can call it pride of whatever, but I looked at other company’s graphics and felt so grateful. No graphics compared to it. – Rodney Mullen

The Nixon x Bones Brigade Limited Edition Collection is available exclusively at skate shops, Nixon retail stores and online for a limited time only.

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