Rock LTD Collection

A collection of one-of-a-kind timepieces made from donated leather jackets, pants and guitar straps from some of music’s best and brightest.

Lived in, worn in, each piece has a story to tell, the LTD Rock Collection gives you a glimpse into the rock ‘n roll life, and no two are alike.

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: The Slash 51-30 Chrono, The Nick Rimando 51-30 Chrono, The Eminem 51-30 Chrono, The Kirk Hammett 51-30 Chrono, The James Hetfield 51-30 Chrono, The Tony Hawk Time Teller, The Alisa Xayalith Time Teller, The Jun K Time Teller, The Macklemore Time Teller, The Chris Martin Sentry Chrono, The Jared Leto Sentry Chrono, The Tim McGraw Sentry Chrono, The 2. Brandon Steineckert Sentry Chrono